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Web Developer

I am Advik Singh Somvanshi, a student of Zoho Schools of Technology. As a front-end developer, I believe that every pixel, every gradient and every animation holds the potential to create a lasting impression. For me, the web is not just a medium but a playground, where design meets emotion, and I am its dedicated craftsman.

Web Development


Problem Solving


Tradeshow Project - Snippet Sphere

Finland Website

ToDo App

Parallax Scrolling Website

Mood Tracker

Circle Transitions Project

Infinite Color Palettes

3D Transitions Project

Pomodoro Timer

Card Layout Website

Overly Sophisticated Theme Switch

Width Change on hover


Advik's programming prowess is truly commendable. Even while in the learning phase, his insights have been invaluable to me. His patience, dedication, and knack for problem-solving stand out. I'm genuinely grateful to have such a talented friend guiding me through the intricacies of coding.


Student, ZS Tech

Advik is really good in the field of web development. His skills are exceptional, and his friendly nature makes him a joy to work with. Whenever I've had questions or needed assistance, he has been there with a helping hand. His dedication and talent are truly admirable.

Mahalakshmi K.

Student, ZS Tech

Advik showcases exceptional technical skills, a deep understanding of project goals, and unmatched dedication. His proactive communication and passion for the craft made collaboration effortless and productive. Highly recommended.

Keerthana S.

Student, ZS Tech

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